Hytale Hosting

Start your adventure with a Hytale server at prices and performance unbeatable by our competitors, configure your server below.

Included Features

Free Subdomain

Don't like writing or remembering your Server IP and Server Port? We have you covered with our 'Subdomain Manager', you'll be able to create a subdomain (E.G. fancyserver.srv.xonos.co) pointing to your server with a click of a button.

One-Click Backups

Take a backup of your entire server within minutes with our 'Backup System' feature which allows you to download or restore any backup you create at anytime.

DDoS Protection

Receive around the clock DDoS protection on your server to keep those pesty attacks away from ever reaching your server.

Visual Player List

Our 'Visual Player List' allows you to remotely view all players that are connected to your server without having to execute any console commands or even connect to your server. It will show the player's skin, name and UUID.

Service Pricing

Hytale is planned to be released for Microsoft Windows and macOS in 2021. We are unable to provide any pricing until closer to this date.

What is Hytale?

Watch the official trailer for Hytale below.

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