Xonos.Host Partner Program

Looking to partner with Xonos.Host?

Read below to see all the fancy rewards you can receive.

Why Join our Partner Program?

Partnered Server

We love to help platform streamers/channels grow and gain attraction. Our Partners can receive discounted or even free services to assist you in your path to become the best!

Partner Codes / Affiliate Program

Each Partner will receive a promotion code to promote to their fans but why stop there? With each sale made, you can earn revenue through our affiliate program!

One-To-One Support

Receive dedicated support for any issues or enquiries that you have. Don't have time to do the niffy-iffy configurating on your server? Don't worry, we will setup everything as you desire it to be.

How do I apply for the Partner Program?

Please copy the form and answer questions that are valid for you.

Partner Program Form
Your Name: Contactable E-Mail Address: Channels/Social Media Accounts Discord: YouTube: Twitch: Mixer: Website: What services are you looking to receive from Xonos.Host?: Why should Xonos.Host choose you to be one of their partners?:

Once you have completed the form, please feel free to submit a ticket with the form inside over here.